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About Yoga Classes

Classes Difficulty Exercise Level Recommended for Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga Beginner Class Beginner to Intermediate
Half Primary Intermediate to Advanced
Primary Red Intermediate to Advanced
Mysore Class Beginner to Intermediateけ

About Ashtanga Yoga...

Ashtanga Yoga is mainly taught in yoga studios in Mysore, Southern India. Shri K. Pattabhi Jois has established Ashtanga Yoga and its teaching methods, and it is a popular yoga style in the world. Currently, R. Shrath Jois, the grandson of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, who inherited Ashtanga yoga tradition, is teaching.

R. Shrath Jois氏

Characteristics of Ashtanga Yoga

Shri K. Patthabhi Jois’ pronouncement, yoga is "99% practice and 1% theory," thus practice will bring everything. Ashtanga Yoga is characterized by an aerobic sequence that links breathing and movement, called Vinyasa, and is a source of power yoga as well as other styles of yoga. Each yoga posture is connected by linking the breath and movement.
The order and movement of breathing and poses are precisely determined and divided into six different series. Those who practice Ashtanga yoga for the first time will practice from the first series, called the primary series. Then, he or she will take time to advance to the second and third series.


Ashtanga Yoga Classes

There are two types of Ashtanga yoga classes.


1.Instructor-led Classes


こIn this type of class, you will practice the primary series.
The instructor guides your breath and movement. Practice Shibuya has the following classes.
Beginner class: Recommended for beginners. There is instruction such as breathing method and points to note during practice. The class will cover approximately one-third of the primary series.

Basic class: Recommended for beginners. There is instruction such as points to be careful or focus on when getting into/out of poses. If you are an experienced practitioner, less instruction will be provided and cover half the primary series. The class will cover approximately half of the primary series.

Half Primary ... Recommended for beginners to intermediate practitioners.
This is a class in which an instructor guides you in a traditional Sanskrit and English along with Japanese. Since this class is a simple practice class that covers half of the primary series, you can easily experience the linkage between breathing and movement, and understand the basic flow of Ashtanga yoga.

Primary red: Recommended for advanced practitioners.
This is a class where the instructor guides all of the primary series according to tradition. The class will cover all of the primary series by linking breathing and movement. You can experience all poses of the primary series and move many parts of your body. This is a class where you can experience Vinyasa, so if you are regularly taking the Mysore class, we recommend that you take this class to practice breathing.

2.Mysore Classes

Mysore Classes

A traditional class named “Mysore”, the place Ashtanga Yoga originated from.
Ashtanga Yoga poses have to be practiced in a fixed order. It is yoga that you can practice by memorizing and learning.
In the Mysore class, the instructor looks around while students are practicing individually like a “dojo”, and provides instructions as necessary.
Depending on your experience, the scope of practice will vary. Beginners begin by learning and memorizing the order of poses. It may not be easy to remember, but your body can learn by practicing regularly. Even if you are an experienced yoga practitioner or you are new to Mysore class, you may get lost in the order of the poses you learned in Mysore class. We recommend you to practice as you check your posture throughout the class.
n Mysore class, each student is practicing his or her own pace. The instructor will teach you how to take a new pose based on your experience and guidance tailored to your individuality, and the maturity level of the practice.
To practice poses after the primary series, you must first practice all of the primary series poses in Mysore class. Then, at the discretion of the instructor, the next series, the intermediate series (second series), will be instructed.

Ashtanga Yoga Q&A

Q.Can I eat before and after Ashtanga Yoga?

A.The movement of Ashtanga Yoga greatly affects the internal organs. Therefore, we recommend practicing with an empty stomach as it is easier to move and benefit from the practice. However, it may be better to avoid excessive hunger that may cause nausea or discomfort during the practice, so when you choose to eat before practice, you should refrain from consuming too much or choosing something easily digestible.

Q.Can I drink water during Ashtanga Yoga?

A.The Ashtanga Yoga tradition suggests that you don't drink water during practice.
There are various reasons, but the movement of Ashtanga Yoga creates heat in the body, so drinking water during practice may cause the body to cool down suddenly and may cause discomfort.
In Practice Shibuya, there is no particular rules around drinking water during the class, so please use your judgment considering your physical condition.

Q. Which class should I take?

A.If you are a beginner in yoga, we recommend beginner classes and introductory classes, but if you are an experienced yoga practitioner and have not experienced Ashtanga yoga, we recommend that you take classes that may interest you.
Then, you can understand the whole picture of Ashtanga yoga practice.

Q.How often should Ashtanga Yoga be performed?

A.The most important thing in Yoga is regular practice.
Ashtanga Yoga is a practice based on repetition. The body gradually gets used to movements over time. You should practice at least once a week. Continue once a week, twice a day, every day, at a frequency that allows you to continue on a regular basis, as long as your body is comfortable.

Q.Can I participate in Mysore class even when I am attending Mysore for the first time?

A.Anyone can take the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore class.
As part of the teaching method of Mysore class, you will learn the flow of poses that you can practice in the first few classes, so please be noted that it is different from a yoga class constantly guided by an instructor.
If you are new to Mysore class, your instructor will give you some advice, but it is not always one-on-one basis.
While the instructor is teaching other students, you could enjoy the Mysore class more if you try to practice by yourself.


Ashtanga Yoga practice during pregnancy

The following requirements have to be met to participate in Ashtanga Yoga class during pregnancy. Please contact us by telephone before attending.
1.Being in the second trimester (your health condition is stable)
2.Experience in Ashtanga yoga
3.Instructor’s approval (The instructor without maternity teaching experience may decline your attendance due to risk associated with the practice)
4.Fill out the disclaimer consent form
※Please participate after reading below.
Reference:About Ashtanga Yoga Practice during pregnancy

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